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Welcome to Papercarta

converting leader
company since 1988

Who we are

Papercarta begins in 1988 as a supplier for waste paper and raw materials for paper mills.
Later it develops in the converting branch and in recoverying new paper too, always keeping the pulp supplies active for italian finest pulp mills.
As of today it still proves as one of the most relevant players in the european market for both printed paper manufacturing and the trade of every kind of industrial paper.

What we do

The company handles national and international commerce of both size and coil paper; thanks to our machinery we are able to work the materials customizing the original size and cut always trying to satisfy our clients needs to the best.


Discover them.

Here's the list of our main services, always ready to be fully customized to suit your needs. If you want to know more don't hesitate and get in touch with us!

worldwide shipping paper samples

analysis and purchase of stocklots

rolls and formates requalification and restoration

processing formates with paper cutting machine

processing rolls with rewinders

processing rolls with paper rolls saw machinery


Everything goes through here.

The beating heart of our company.
Everything we produce gets crafted here. Thanks to these we buy and sell paper for bag manufacturers, roll maufacturers, lithographies, typographies, digital press, offset and roto.

Rewinder n.1

Descrizione sommaria

Rewinder n.2

Descrizione sommaria

Paper rolls saw machine

Descrizione sommaria

Polar paper cutting machine

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Waste paper baling press machine

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Paper rolls saw machine

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    • Wood free coated rolls and formates
    • Wood contain coated rolls and formates
    • Woodfree oneside coated rolls and formates

    • Woodfree uncoated
    • Copy paper white and recycled
    • Coloured paper

    • One side coated board white/white
    • One side coated board white/grey
    • Two side coated board

    • Poster paper blue back rools and formates

    • Stocklots
  • REEL

    • Glassine
    • Unbleached kraft
    • Belached kraft

    • Packaging paper
    • Kraft liner
    • Test liner
    • White top liner

    • Print paper
    • LWC
    • SC
    • Newspaper
    • Rotogravure

The team

Get to know us.

From the original founder to the rest of the Piazzi family, from the office to the factory: Papercarta keeps growing over the years and here you can find our contacts!

Gianni Piazzi

CEO and founder

Ivo Cacciatori
Sales department, coil paper manufacturing and selling

Marco Piazzi
Sales department, coil paper manufacturing and selling

Monica Piazzi
Sales and size paper department

Marta Piazzi

Sara Cacciatori

Logistics department e-mail


Get in touch.

Wether you want some extra information you can't find in the website, commission us a job or know if we can satisfy your needs, don't hesitate and write us a message!

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